At SUREWIN Nation Building by enhancing the employability of our youth is a passion and priority. We serve Corporate India by partnering with them to skill their employees and help them compete globally. We Bridge the Talent Gap; that is our mission.

SUREWIN is committed to provide quality training for skill repair at an affordable cost and reach out to urban and semi urban India to meet the shortfall. We provide holistic training and placement services for the youth.

SUREWIN is focused on capacity building for the services sector.

With the founding team having a strong Technology and Training Services background we have extensively leveraged new media including Internet, Television and E-Learning.

SUREWIN courses are for the new economy. Life skills development, English Speaking skills, Computer Literacy, Sales Skills and Service skills all so critical in the new economy form the core curriculum. In addition Industry specific courses targeted at the Retail, Telecom and Financial Services are offered.

Our Industry team works out win-win engagements with the Industry to carry out detailed Job Analysis; draw up Job specifications; identify key Competencies for the Job on the one hand and with candidates to bridge the skill gap. This means new thinking about the skills we need, responding to employers' insights and experience and developing programmes tailor-made for their industries. It means higher standards of training delivery, as employers know the levels of performance they need.

Assessments are an integral part of the learning process. However unlike assessments done at school or college which encourage rote learning; assessments at SUREWIN are based on building the Key Competencies identified for the job. Adaptive assessments ensure that the student is challenged and encouraged to raise his or her benchmark.

SUREWIN represents an exciting evolution in the way we train our workforce. For the first time, employers will take control of the design and delivery of learning in their industry. Curricula in line with the industry; a right balance of theoretical and practical elements throughout the training; modern delivery methods; career counselling and guidance; innovative teaching styles; all these are integral to the SUREWIN experience. In the next 5 years SUREWIN is all set to create 500 centres with a PAN India footprint and a capacity to turnaround half a million qualified, skilled and employable students annually.

 The SUREWIN Vision

“Create a sustainable industry aligned ecosystem by promoting skill development, benefiting millions in India to get respectable employment opportunities for serving customers and other stakeholders.”

 The SUREWIN Mission

“Develop over 10 million industry competent workforce by 2022 through establishment of National Occupational Standards, Labour Market Information System, Accreditation of training partners / vocational institutions, Certification of Trainers and facilitation of learner assessments and certifications.”